English is increasingly the language of international business and trade. Fluency in written and communicative English is almost a pre requisite for success in the world today. The combination of subject knowledge and good English will give any one a distinct advantage in the international job market. There are many jobs available in business, trade, public service, finance, marketing, management, and retailing and in the leisure industry. The objective of the programme in Communication Studiesis to provide an interdisciplinary context in which literary or linguistic and cultural studies are nurtured separately and feed each other. The programme allows one to develop the analytical skills across a broad range of topics combining the strength of traditional English literature.

The most important qualities to be acquired by a professional in Travel & Tourism Industry are communication, team work and customer service skills. It is important to appreciate that people around the world have different ways of doing things. By entering into the Travel & Tourism industry one will come to learn a lot about people. The course is designed taking into consideration of all these aspects. The multi-disciplinary nature of the course is aimed at developing strong business management and communication skills, enabling one to compete for any work in the Travel & Tourism sector. It also enhances the entrepreneurial skills and communication skills.

Understanding concepts of Taxation, tax computation, and application of tax laws, legal implication, indirect taxes and their application is essential in all business organizations. The Finance industry encompasses a broad range of organizations including banks, credit card companies, consumer finance, stock brokerages, investment funds, etc. Our course is designed to give an understanding of all these financial services and it is ideal for those desirous of working in banking and finance industries.

  • Grammar and Conversational Skills
  • Business Communication
  • Print Media and Journalism
  • Travel &Tourism (Elective)
Note: For all Courses, Language and other subjects/topics for studies will be as per the Syllabus prescribed by the University from time to time . For details refer University website